Coarse black stoneware bowl with blue slip interior and dotted decoration
Coarse Black Stoneware Suribachi
Smooth Black Stoneware bowl with hakeme slip and jade glaze
Raku fired lidded tsubo with crackle white lid and red detail
Expanded moon vase finished with obvara
Dish with sculpted slip and atomised glaze
Jade glazed black stoneware bowl
Coarse black stoneware tsubo with dotted slip decoration
Coarse Black Stoneware dish with jade and lemon glaze
Coarse Black Stoneware plate with orange and lemon glaze
Coarse Black Stoneware lidded Tsubo with tenmoku and lemon glaze
Smooth black stoneware bottle with grey slip decoration and atomised tenmoku glaze
Celadon glazed Raku vase
Hakeme bowl
Crackle glazed Raku vase
Scorched Earth – 9 Framed Kohiki Tiles.
Smooth black clay with white Kohiki slip; transparent glaze; gold kintsugi repairs.
Mounted and framed in walnut
Coarse black stoneware tsubo with scraped jade slip and atomised jade & tenmoku glaze
Black stoneware bowl with grey slip ensō design and simple atomised glaze
Moon Vase in coarse Black Stoneware, with ridged hakeme slip decoration